Monday, January 22, 2007

"Time has not made of me a broken man, as you would seem to suspect. It has merely drained me of the energy required to hide my shortcomings. Verily, I was defective in the womb."

"How does that explain that you just killed a man?"

"That was not the explanation, but the premise of my dissertation. You do not realise the effort it took for me to masquerade as one of you. Every word I spoke was carefully sugar coated, every smile forced. In truth, my disinterest in the social world of mankind was a deep hole in my soul, nay, a vast abyss, seemingly bottomless. But you! You forced me into this world, and every word, every smile, every loathsome second filled that abyss, until it overflowed. This is but karmic retribution, the counter-force to your force."

"You're not thinking straight. Don't do this."

"And so the pendulum swings back."

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