Sunday, January 22, 2006

Powerball Techno

I have one of these. It's awesome. :)

This is just the demo message ("new nsd power ball"), which is the easiest one to get and thus the one we used for demonstration purposes. If you rev up the powerball to higher speeds, it shows the RPM you achieved as it winds down. In short... Best. Toy. Ever.

P.S. Managed to get a nice shot of the RPM display. Enjoy!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Flash links!

OK, I'm going to make a link dump post and no one can stop me because it's my blog. Seriously though, some of these flash animations are pure genius, and I simply had to share them. It didn't feel right to just hoard all these links. I guess you could say I'm doing my part and giving something back to the world (NB: you'd be wrong).

All links in this post open up in a new window. The first two are on Newgrounds, where you'll have to click "Watch this movie!" to actually see the animation.

  • Walk-Smash-Walk This is a delightful music video of sorts. The creator, Sakupen, apparently made both the music and the animation. I found it both exhilirating and relaxing in a Zen kind of way.
  • Dad's Home The very same Sakupen also made this humorous animation chronicling a father's chaotic homecoming (i.e. "Dad is home", not "Home of dad"). I laughed out loud, and I loved the moral of the story.
  • Nightmare City This is a masterpiece of animation, although the story and the music could both use a bit of work. Still, a must-see.
  • 十一月 (November) Excellent art, animation and music, and even a little plot twist. As opposed to most other animations by Maru Production, this one requires no knowledge of Japanese.
  • Magical Trevor, parts one, two & three It's more of those zany looped songs from Weebl's Stuff! (You know, like Kenya! What do you mean you haven't seen Kenya?!) My favourite is without a doubt Magical Trevor 2; I only included the others for completeness.
  • The Child That Smelt Funny Very strange, long animation (9 minutes) by David Firth, but also very amusing social commentary. The British accent makes it very reminiscent of Aardman animations; I'm especially reminded of Rex the Runt's chaotic style of storytelling.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dairy diary II: The customers strike back

Loyal readers will already have instantly recalled my previous post entitled "Dairy Diary", wherein I lamented the new design of the fil packages. Well, guess what? The customer is always right! (Especially when said customer is me!)

Granted, it looks kind of weird to just change the colour of the top and back of the package, but it's definitely a step in the right direction, and a much more functional design. Also note the "fil" in big clear letters on the side, as opposed to the smaller "filmjölk" they had earlier.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Wrecking crew

We went to work on the gingerbread house today. It was a tough job to bring the house down, but someone's got to do the dirty work, eh?

We haven't eaten it all yet; it's quite a lot of gingerbread, and the sweetness of the sugar and icing is a bit too much after a few mouthfuls.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Inspecting some icicles before going on a kicksled ride.

Holding a sparkler against the cloudy night sky.

Happy New Year, hope we'll make it a good one.