Monday, October 22, 2007

Shared items

Have you sensed that you share my interests and sense of humour? Do you find yourself coming back to my blog, time after time, to glean more information from my tired brain? Do I update my blog too seldomly? If you answered any of those questions affirmatively, you are speaking to your computer and should probably quiet down. More importantly, you may be interested in my new feature: Shared items.

Take a look in the side bar to the right, under my silly photo. Under the heading "shared items," you'll find the latest stuff that I've found mind-tickling enough to share with you, my loyal and loving readership. There's also a special page you can visit with more items, if you click the "read more" link. You'll generally find news items or web comics that I've read and enjoyed, and offer unto you to peruse. And thus, I deftly sidestep my responsibility to update my blog with something original.

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