Sunday, September 18, 2005

By bus

Today is Sunday, so there's no work and no commuting, thankfully. But with a job that's approximately 40 km away from my home, I get to spend the better part of 2 hours riding or waiting for a bus every day. It won't get me into the Guiness book of records, but it still feels like a long time. So, as promised, here are some photos of the swedish public transport system.

This is the bus I take to and from work. It rides up and down line 90, and the bus itself seems to be called 2226. I've come to recognize the different marks of juvenile sabotage and the faulty seat belts, so by now I'm quite sure that I ride the exact same vehicle to and from work. Only the chauffeurs change. It's strange, I'd have thought this bus had better things to do than follow my every beck and call...

Someone with a red shiny guitar case is waiting for her bus to arrive. Behind her is the bus terminal, which looks about as boring as any swedish building from the 1970s. As you can probably tell, there's a hamburger bar in the bus terminal.

The interior of the bus looks quite boring compared to the hitech buses of Shanghai (darn you to heck, João!), but they're alright. At least they have adjustable seats, and plenty of handles to grab hold of as you do the "bus aisle shuffle", which is my silly name for the silly walk people do when they're walking through the bus trying to find a seat, and the acceleration makes it hard to keep their footing.

Here are some fellow passengers. One of them is apparently reflecting upon the evil deeds of his past and deciding to turn over a new leaf, while the other is perfectly content and blissfully asleep.

These two photos were taken on different days, hence the different weather. It's not uncommon to see cows grazing in the swedish countryside. Apparently, a lot of dairy products are produced locally.

This is the final stop in today's series of photos, the bus stop outside my job where I sit and wait for the bus to take me home. That's my black leather bag, and a waste basket that seems to have been kicked askew.

Sometimes when I'm bored, I sit at this bus stop making silly voices and record them with my mobile phone. Maybe I'll put the least embarrassing ones on this blog some day.

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DragonL said...

"Wow, cows! Stop the bus!!! So cute, do you think they'll come to me if I call them?" - Y