Friday, September 23, 2005


This Tuesday and Wednesday, I couldn't get a ride to the bus station, so I had to walk across town to get to my bus. Just before I was going to leave my house, I banged my pinky toe against something. That always hurts a lot at first, so I didn't think much of it then, but after walking through town to the bus my toe was still aching. When I got home from work on Tuesday, my toe looked like this (only look if you have a morbid interest in bruises). Also, since I limped all the way, I managed to get a blister on my other foot. Luckily, that healed quickly, although both feet are still tender since I had to walk on Wednesday as well.

To keep my mind off the pain, I took some photos of my hometown.

There are some old wooden buildings here. I'm not sure how old they are, but it's nice to see that parts of our cultural roots are still around. They lend a certain air of grace to the town.

Of course, one of the oldest parts of town is our church. Actually, I think the correct term would be "cathedral", since it's the head church in our diocese .

As I came closer to the centre of town, I noticed that our streetlights look pretty fancy. To be honest, I've never even looked at them before, I only noticed them now because they were in the way whenever I wanted to take a photo of something else. So I gave up and shot the streetlight itself.

This is the centre of town, with little stores and stuff. The town square is straight ahead, and the yellow building across the square is the county governor's residence.

Now I've walked past the town square, and turned right. Here are some more shops and a few banks. Not very exciting, but it's a good example of how swedish cities often have lots of greenery.

This photo is a bit more interesting. This city is divided by the sea; one part is on the mainland, and the other is spread over two islands. I live on the large island, which is also where the town centre lies and where this photo was taken. The water here is the sea flowing around the island, and the other side is mainland Sweden. To emphasize the coastal status of our town, the McDonald's here has a place where you can park your boat; practically a sail-in McDonald's!

This is what I'd call the main street, although that's not its name. This runs through quite a bit of our town, starting at the university and going past stores, banks, a bridge that connects us to the mainland, the bus station, McDonald's, and ends up at the train station. The bridge is right behind me.

Here I am on the bridge. This used to be more of an industrial area, I think, where big boats would load and unload cargo. Now it's apparently a parking spot for some nice sailing boats.

Thus ends my journey; the bus station is just off the left edge of this picture. Finally I can sit down and stop torturing my poor feet.

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DragonL said...

The common consensus here in China is that you've taken some beautiful pictures during your painful morning strolls! ;)