Friday, January 20, 2006

Flash links!

OK, I'm going to make a link dump post and no one can stop me because it's my blog. Seriously though, some of these flash animations are pure genius, and I simply had to share them. It didn't feel right to just hoard all these links. I guess you could say I'm doing my part and giving something back to the world (NB: you'd be wrong).

All links in this post open up in a new window. The first two are on Newgrounds, where you'll have to click "Watch this movie!" to actually see the animation.

  • Walk-Smash-Walk This is a delightful music video of sorts. The creator, Sakupen, apparently made both the music and the animation. I found it both exhilirating and relaxing in a Zen kind of way.
  • Dad's Home The very same Sakupen also made this humorous animation chronicling a father's chaotic homecoming (i.e. "Dad is home", not "Home of dad"). I laughed out loud, and I loved the moral of the story.
  • Nightmare City This is a masterpiece of animation, although the story and the music could both use a bit of work. Still, a must-see.
  • εδΈ€ζœˆ (November) Excellent art, animation and music, and even a little plot twist. As opposed to most other animations by Maru Production, this one requires no knowledge of Japanese.
  • Magical Trevor, parts one, two & three It's more of those zany looped songs from Weebl's Stuff! (You know, like Kenya! What do you mean you haven't seen Kenya?!) My favourite is without a doubt Magical Trevor 2; I only included the others for completeness.
  • The Child That Smelt Funny Very strange, long animation (9 minutes) by David Firth, but also very amusing social commentary. The British accent makes it very reminiscent of Aardman animations; I'm especially reminded of Rex the Runt's chaotic style of storytelling.

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DragonL said...

Yaay, flash! November was weird, and beautiful. Dad's Home was weird and funny, whilst The Child That Smelt Funny was weird and insightful. Walk-smash-walk was wonderful and I want to make an mp3 out of it and walk around smashing things into the ground as I listen! Magical Trevor was kinda weird and very amusing. Nightmare City won't play. Weirdly enough.