Saturday, April 15, 2006


During the month of March, we had some really crazy weather. Snow came pouring down like there was no tomorrow. Or a day after tomorrow, if you'll excuse the cultural reference.

One day, my younger brother and I were outside during a futile attempt to move the snow around so that it wouldn't completely cover our house from roof to foundation. In the face of such a blatantly Sisyphean task, we felt like two little ants trying to move the Atlantic.

It was only a matter of time before my poor brother went crazy. Shortly thereafter, he collapsed from exhaustion.

My attempts to rouse him failed, and the rapidly falling snow began to cover him like a white cold blanket of oblivion. I tried to wrest him from the cold maw of King Frost, but he was entirely inhumed in the blink of an eye. I dug into the snow, searching for him, but with the white water crystals stretching from horizon to horizon, erasing every landmark, disorienting me completely, I lost my place and couldn't find him. It was a miracle that I ever made it back home.

My brother hasn't been seen since. I can only hope that he will turn up when the snow thaws in the spring, joining asphalt, spring flowers and cartoon birds in a great celebration of the renaissance of life.

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