Sunday, April 16, 2006

Links & Conspiracy

Here are a few funny/awesome links.

  • Minesweeper and NP-completeness If you like Minesweeper, logic gates or math, check it out. This article proves that they are all intricately connected. It's pretty awesome if you're slightly nerdy.
  • Titanic 2! It's the sequel to the blockbuster Titanic! Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is back! Very exciting, even to me (who haven't seen the first movie). Plus, I would probably be a bad blogger if I didn't link to it.

And here's the conspiracy. I was looking at the episode guides for Lost, Medium, and Alias. I was looking because both Medium and Alias have been on hiatus, and I wanted to see when they were coming back. I suddenly noticed something weird: All three series are airing episodes with the same name, "S.O.S.", all within a week! Two could be a coincidence, but three?! After careful deliberation, I'm fairly certain it's a hidden message from enslaved writers who are locked away somewhere in the labyrinthine catacombs of the once pure and beautiful Angel City, where the peaceful inhabitants - who once lived in a utopian society free of sickness, death and evil thoughts - are ever fearful of their tyrannical occupants from the dark and twisted Holy Wood. I bet that if you play all three episodes simultaneously, something will appear...

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