Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mobile Office

I sat in the very back of the bus today, in the middle seat, or as I like to call it, "the bouncy office". The very bouncy office. Sitting right above the back wheels, you receive nearly all the force of the uneven Swedish roads directly into your spine, delivered via the not so subtle undulations of the shock absorbers. It kind of sucks, and it can make you a bit nauseous if you're reading a computer screen. Also, thanks to the wonders of adolescence, the ventilation on the left hand side has been cracked open and is now spewing ice cold air into my face. So make that "the ice cold, very bouncy office".

But still! Finally somewhere to completely fold out the old lap top, stretch the old legs and use the old grey matter for something not very useful, such as writing this blog post. In Notepad, of course; I still dream of the day when the bus fare will cover the price of wi-fi. Imagine each bus having a wi-fi uplink to, at the very least, a 3G/EDGE internet connection. How hard can it be? As hard as sticking a wi-fi card and a 3G SIM card reader into a lap top? Heck, the bus fare is already kind of expensive, so why not throw in some extras? What am I paying for anyway? :P

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