Friday, October 14, 2005

Autumn visit

Although I'm not particularly fond of the cold Swedish winter, I do love the season that ushers it in. I like everything about autumn, from the colours of the trees, and the fresh moist in the air, to the dark and misty evenings. It's a season that can be both relaxing and exhilirating. 'Tis the season to sit in your favourite chair, put on a Soundgarden album and read a good book.

It's also the season when small furry animals start running around in your backyard.

Can you see the squirrel? If these were mobile phone photos, this would probably have marked the end of today's squirrel hunt. Luckily I happened to be outside with our best digital camera, with optical zoom and everything.

Peekaboo! There were actually two squirrels, jumping from tree to tree, playfully hunting and chattering. This one was the more curious of the two, and actually had to come down and look at me.

After a while, it decided to observe me from a safe vantage point halfway up the tree. I guess I have the inventor of the telescope to thank for getting this shot.

It ended up calmly sitting there for quite a while, posing for a couple of more photos before it scurried back up the tree to play with its friend.


jg said...

Before she asks... Yes Y, it will come if you call it. That's why it came down to look at me. Make smacking noises with your tongue; my brother can show you, he's the expert.

DragonL said...

Soooo cuuuuute!!! - Y

In fact, I found that she's perfectly able to make that sound. She can squirrel-call with the best of them. The peekaboo picture is perfect!