Sunday, October 09, 2005

Some notes

My lectures are often so packed with information that they can be rather hard to digest. Therefore, I take a few breaks sometimes to let my students get a breather, lest they fall asleep. During one of those breaks, I walked past a student's notes, and something caught my eye.

Huh? A drawing?

Another one! Apparently, some students are so advanced that they don't need to take notes. They've decided to work on their creativity. I hope for their sake that their prowess will be reflected in their results. Come to think of it, this guy has his project completed, and we're not even through half of the course. He can certainly afford practicing his superdeformed grafitti style.

Of course, some students move at a normal pace and need to take their studies seriously. Here's one who has everything neatly organized on his desk; the recommended literature plus actual lecture notes.

It says "Indian Pixels". I have no idea what that means, but the drawing does seem to represent pixelated feathers.

This guy has managed to combine study with creativity, using both halves of the brain. Upon closer inspection, he hasn't taken any notes of what I've said, just what I've written on the whiteboard. A common oversight, which may haunt him come cram time.

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DragonL said...

That is completely hilarious! =D Makes me wonder how many of my students who've been doodling their way through my classes too.