Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I've mentioned my job several times now without actually showing it to you. Feels like things are out of order in my blog now, but I guess it can't be helped. Things don't happen in an orderly fashion in reality, and everyone has to deal with that.

Here's the main building of my job. That's where my boss has her office, and where my boss's boss has his office. It's also where the make-up girls, the TV students and the 3D artist students go to class. Not the game programmers though. Nope, we're the only ones who are banished to another building, or blessed with our very own building, depending on how you look at it.

This is the building in question. It's kind of a weird building, because it's connected to a bus repair shop. That's the yellow thing sticking out of the left side. Sometimes I hear weird noises coming from over there, or maybe I'm just imagining it.

I'm sure keen readers have by now noticed all the trees, but if you haven't, let me point out that I basically work in the middle of the forest. That's Sweden for you. The trees are everywhere. I sometimes feel like telling them, "Hey, tree! Back off! You're encroaching on my personal space!" but I don't think they'd understand me. Eh, who am I kidding, I love trees.

So, this is the entrance of the building I work in. Not a very exciting picture, but it's good for reference in case you want to visit me. If it's lunch time, you need to go left through the blue doorway to Valle's Coffee. I'll be the one eating a texmex pie and drinking yoghurt. Any other time of the day, take a right.

This is the hallway where you can sometimes find tired programmers shuffling around looking for coffee. There are two classes here, one who's been around for a year (let's call them seniors) and a new class (juniors). At the very end of the hallway you'll find the senior classroom. They are broken men, shadows of their former selves, with all their hopes and dreams crushed by the sheer amount of stuff they need to learn.

Directly to your right is the junior classroom. This is where I work right now, since I'm teaching them C++ and Windows programming. We switch around now and then; I taught the senior class 3D math earlier. Look, you can see my briefcase again, and the laptop that the school has lended me.

The students! They're a lively bunch. Three of them are from southern Sweden and like to joke around a lot. Those three are so full of crap, it's wonderfully amusing. One day during lunch they were playing a pretend game, making up rules as they went. One of them would say a word (often meaningless compound words), and the next had to counter it with a new word, sometimes thinking long and hard and commending the others for playing so well. Then they actually pretended to win and lose. They nearly fooled some other students into thinking it was a real game.

The very next day, two of them seemed very happy to see me after lunch. They claimed that they had been looking everywhere, even got my boss involved in their search. Eventually, they had called the police and gone searching the woods. Apparently they had had a question for me, but now they'd forgotten what it was.

You can tell from this photo what kind of mood we have in our classrooms. People feel right at home, leaving out their cups, cutlery and... chopsticks? OK... sure, why not?

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