Saturday, December 24, 2005

The day before

The day before Christmas is ablur with activities. Apart from the obvious task of getting the presents ready, you need to prepare all the tasty treats.

Like gingerbread cookies!

Mmm. :)


And finally, marzipan.

Pretty groovy, huh? I made the sushi (lower left corner) and assorted stuff to the left. Two very creative and giggly young ladies made the various animals, vegetables, fruits (and everything in between) that dominate the right-hand three-quarters of the platter.

Off to bed, it's a big day tomorrow. Yes -- in case you didn't know -- we cheat in Scandinavia; Christmas Eve marks the big celebration with all the presents and such.


mayuosan said...

God Jul!!
Vad fint pepperkakor är!!
jag tycker jätte om pepperkaka.
Har du trevlig jul dagar?
jag görde inget sprcialt^^;
Jag saknar svenska jul mater...

DragonL said...

Quote Y (upon seeing knaeck): "Ooooh, I LOVE this candy!"

ejm said...

Is that large gingerbread shape a manatee? a whale??

jg said...

ejm, I'm guessing you mean the pig, as it's the only aquadynamic shape I can see. It is a bit deformed, but not a lot; it's basically the classical gingerbread pig shape.

ejm said...

yes, I guess I mean the pig. The rather largish rear leg was what confused me. (not to mention the lack of curly tail)

Are you saying that gingerbread pigs are common to many Swedish households?

jg said...

I guess gingerbread pigs are common. They're featured in a very popular Christmas song about gingerbread men who set out on a journey, hand in hand, leaving the tomte and the goat by the oven since they couldn't bear being separated from the gingerbread pig. The song does not elaborate upon why the pig can't travel; perhaps it's just not done.